The mother was confronting the young man on school property before she was arrested for her actions.  The school takes reports of bullying very serious.


SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) —

A mother in Santa Rosa faces child abuse charges after she allegedly assaulted a boy she believed was bullying her daughter. Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies arrested 30-year-old Delia Garcia-Bratcher on Saturday.

Investigators say Garcia-Bratcher went to Olivet Charter Elementary School Friday and asked her child to point out the boy accused of bullying her daughter. Deputies say she grabbed the boy by the throat and warned him to stop. Authorities say the 12-year-old had visible red marks on his neck when deputies arrived a short time later.

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“We are planning to have our school psychologist check with both of the students and see how they are doing and respond to their needs,” said Superintendent Jennie Snyder.



Article and Picture Courtesy of KGO-TV San Francisco

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