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AVON LAKE, Ohio–A Lorain County father of two is outraged after he said a popular restaurant served his nine-year-old son alcohol.

The father, who asked FOX 8 to conceal his son’s identity, said the child went through an “atrocity” last Thursday at the Crocker Park Cheesecake Factory, where the boy’s mom took him to celebrate his 4th grade graduation.

The father told FOX 8 that the child’s mom ordered him a non-alcoholic pina colada.

“Halfway through the meal, (my son) started feeling sick,” the father told FOX 8, “Started to complain about his head and his tummy, (wanting) to throw up and so forth. So (his mom said) let me take me a look at this drink. She started to take a look and when she smelled it, it had a smell of rum all over it.”

The father told reporter Autumn Ziemba the whole ordeal felt like an out-of-body experience.

He said his ex-wife immediately called him. When he got to the restaurant, emergency response crews were already there.

“He could not stand so I had to carry him to the car. Got to the car and took off for the ER,” the father said. “And he’s telling me, ‘Daddy why is the room turning? Can you do something about it?’ All I can do is hold him and I feel very helpless.”



Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News

Picture Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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