1. Attend recreational spectator sports.

I’m not referring to watching pro sports. Nor playing kickball or bowling. I mean watching rec. sports. That’s right: Go to your friend’s street hockey game. You don’t even have to watch. Just flirt with equally disengaged spectators on your team and the opposing one. Was that the final whistle? Time to hit the bar.

2. Stand in lines.

You know how strangers who survive shared trauma often fall in love? A line (or “queue” if you’re English or fancy) is the less unfortunate variation. Turn commiseration into flirtation. I mean, you’re both standing there anyway. It’s a hard place to fail if you just smile and say something nice. As no one says, a line is a terrible thing to waste.

3. Strut your stuff in dance classes.

It’s the rare dance class in which men are the majority, so bask in the center of attention whenever you can. Just give an honest effort and you’ll be rewarded because you’re (a) untalented but earnest and therefore courageous and vulnerable and adorable, or (b) actually good.

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