Momma Dee’s got a new man, and it is indeed Drea Kelly’s ex-husband Brian McKee!

It didn’t take Momma Dee and Brian long to hook up after his divorce from the “Hollywood Exes” star. Last week people started talking after the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” personality popped up on Instagram with Brian. It seemed like the pair were more than friends.

Momma Dee confirmed to that they do indeed have a little something going on, but she’s not calling him her boyfriend just yet. She doesn’t deny that they’re definitely dating, though!

“We are seeing each other, but we’re friends first. You can’t claim somebody without being friends, so you’ve got to get to know one another,” she said.

As she’s gotten to know him, she believes that people have made unfair assumptions about his character given his quick marriage and divorce from Drea. When Momma Dee spoke on that situation, she implied that Brian and Drea had been married a lot longer than people realize.

“It was put out there that he was out for money and that he used certain people for money. That’s not true.  As a matter of fact, they were married an entire year prior to him coming on,” said Momma Dee.

Whether they’re friends, lovers, business partners or all of the above, Momma Dee has pledged to back Brian up. “I’m a ride or die b*tch,” she declared, “and we’re going to ride it out together—me and him.” via: