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Meagan Good is usually a good sport with a tough skin. Yo would have to have tough skin to work in Hollywood. She has had enough though. Take a look at her recent posting on facebook.

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Good was born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, worked as Good’s manager into her teens, and her father, Leondis “Leon” Good, is an LAPD police officer. Her maternal grandmother is “Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole. My mother’s father was Cherokee and something else. My dad’s mother’s Puerto Rican and black, and his father was from Barbados.”Good was raised inCanyon Country (now known as Santa Clarita), California, with her three siblings. She began her acting career around the age of four.In the early stages of her career, Good worked as an extra on television shows such as Doogie Howser, M.D. and Amen. When she was 13, Good was cast in her first film, the 1995 hit Friday.Good first began to gain recognition for her performance as troubled teen Cisely Batiste in Kasi Lemmons’ critically acclaimed 1997 film Eve’s Bayou, which earned Good two award nominations, including her first NAACP Image Award nomination.

Meagan is married to our Pastor-At-Large DeVon Franklin. She will be publishing a book in the next few months and is embarking on opening  a new boutique.

Below DeVon did a great interview about Hollywood.



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