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For some, sex isn’t viewed as a necessity for everyday function or well being, but orgasms actually provide more health benefits than one would think.  One study from Wilkes University found that people who had sex once or twice a week strengthened their immunity by 30%. There is substantial good that orgasms provide to the body, from relieving pain to helping with lessening depression.Whether single or involved,  every person can reap health benefits from committing themselves to experiencing weekly orgasms.

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Hormonal balance

Scientists have proven that estrogen is created during the female orgasm, facilitating in balancing out imbalances that could lead to issues with mood, conception and menstruation amongst several others. Oxytocin, a chemical associated with feelings of happiness, is also created during orgasm which adds to overall contentment.  If this isn’t reason enough to break out the little black box, then what is?


Maintains health of reproductive organs and PC muscles

The pubococcygeus (PC) muscles within the vagina and penis all contract during orgasm, giving these hidden away and often forgotten muscles the exercise they need.  When these muscles aren’t worked or used, they become weak, leading to sexual health issues. Keep these muscles strong by committing to two to three orgasms a week whether self-promoted or with a partner.

Promotes bonding between partners

When both partners have the goal of helping the other reach orgasm or the collective goal of reaching orgasm together, it creates a natural bond.  Close bodily contact and the combination of bodily fluids during intercourse create a spiritual bond that is unspoken yet felt.

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