This far along in the football season, I’m sure you have experienced some upsets and a few surprises with your favorite team. On a winning streak one week, losing the next – all the ups and downs can keep you on edge. The battle should be on the field but too many end up battling the bulge and gaining weight during the 17-week regular season, playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl.

According to a Harris Interactive survey, an estimated 25 percent of football fans gain weight during football season. While the average weight gain is around 10 pounds, shockingly 16 percent admit to gaining as much as 20.

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Unwanted pounds during football season can come from football watch parties, tailgates or just eating your emotions while watching the game. Add to that the fact that football season coincides with the holidays and you have more chances to eat, less time to sleep and a big excuse not to exercise. So, how do you avoid turning from a linebacker into a lineman and becoming a statistic?

Here are a few game day strategies that can help you rack up touchdowns (TDs) instead of pounds (LBs) this football season.

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