11/19/14 –

Dear Tom,

I am writing to ask a Christmas wish for a very important person in my life— my mother.    On November 1st, the boiler in my mother’s home exploded— and I mean exploded!    Her basement looks like a charred bomb site in Bagdad.

On Thanksgiving Day, we will give thanks for the miracle that mom’s house is still standing and that no one was hurt.

Tom, the furnace in mom’s house was very old and released asbestos everywhere.    My mom, my stepdad and my three younger siblings can’t even stay there because of the health risk.   They are currently living in a hotel.    Everything in the basement will have to be thrown out and that brings me to my wish.

In the midst of this storm, my mother received a promotion at work.   Starting December 8th, she will be transitioning from a position working from home to going into the corporate office every day.  However, she has nothing to wear.

Also, all of my mom, stepdad’s and siblings winter clothes were stored in the basement.   They lost it all their clothes, boots, coats, hats and gloves…everything.    As fate would have it, winter has hit Cincinnati  early and hard with record low temperatures and snow.

Tom, my mom is the rock of our family.   She selflessly takes care of everyone else and never thinks about herself.   She has worked hard for this promotion, and just needs a little help with dressing for success.   We would also be grateful if you could grant the gift of warmth for my family with new winter outerwear.

Santa Tom, please help my mother.

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