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NBC wasn’t going to allow a few people demanding justice for Eric Garner spoil their fun on Wednesday night as they jammed out to Christmas carols in Rockefeller Center.

Had you been watching NBC’s Christmas Tree Lightning last night, what you might have noticed aside from Mariah Carey floundering on stage is that the network never acknowledged the large amount of protesters taking to the streets in outrage that the police officer that choked Eric Garner to death would not be indicted.

This is the second time three weeks that officers got away with killing Black men, and socially conscious members of the American public are mad. Sadly, NBC could not be bothered to notice because Christmas!

Though NBC was playing dumb, protesters were making themselves heard as a rumbling undertone to the celebs singing carols and spreading holiday cheer, which despite NBC’s tone deaf omission, was well documented via social media. 

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At the very end of the broadcast, NBC’s tree lighting ceremony hosts—Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales finally made mention of the protests with these gems of insight (we pity the poor producer who had to write this script on the fly):

Matt Lauer: We have to admit it’s been a bit of an emotional and even tumultuous day, here in New York City.

Savannah Guthrie: It’s been a day of protests, in some cases even close to where we’re broadcasting tonight because of a grand jury decision earlier in the day.

Al Roker: And following what happened in Ferguson, there’s obviously a lot of difficult feelings out there.

Matt Lauer: And so, even as we do welcome the holiday season, we have to say we hope it will be a healthy and joyous and a peaceful season for everyone.


NBC could have had a moment of silence for Eric during the Christmas celebration; reporters could have given guests a quick update on what was going on just steps away; cameras could have panned to the street for a few seconds and run a text box to explain what viewers were looking at, but alas, it was an emotional day.


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