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The bad news first- two New York City police officers were shot last night while on duty in The Bronx.

The good news- their injuries were not life threatening.

This will surely serve to widen the divide between the NYPD and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Many in the NYPD believe the Mayor is anti-police.

Just this past weekend, despite the police commissioner asking them not to, many of those officers, again, turned their backs on the Mayor as he eulogized one of the officers who was executed by a gunman who cited the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases as his motivation.

In a press conference on Monday, while praising the department for reducing crime, de Blasio also said the officer’s actions were disrespectful to the families.

Many are calling for de Blasio to apologize for comments he made following the announcement that the officer involved in the Eric Garner chokehold death would not be indicted.

Last night on my show ‘CNN Tonight’ Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree told me the Mayor should apologize.

New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Charles Blow says no way.

“I don’t know what the apology would be for. I’m really scratching my head thinking about what the apology would be for.  Because he had the temerity to say that he had a conversation with is son who is mixed race, talking to him about how he should interact with the police?”

To demonstrate just how passionate the debate has become by all parties involved, during that same conversation Charles Blow and former NYPD officer John Cardillo got into it over last weekend’s actions by demonstrators who interrupted brunch in New York and Oakland by walking into restaurants and reeling off the names of black people who had been killed by police officers.

Cardillo believes the protestors should have been charged with criminal trespassing and on Sunday tweeted a photo of himself pointing a gun into the camera along with the words, “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC.”

Cardillo says he tweeted as a social experiment and because he thinks it’s demeaning to compare the sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement to now.

Charles: “Your very presence is demeaning.

John: Why don’t you just keep speaking over me?

Charles: Your very presence is demeaning.

John: Why don’t you just speak over me because you’re afraid of my response?

Charles: No I’m not afraid of anything sir?

John: You are afraid of my response.  I’m not afraid of anything sir.  I’m not afraid of your cries of racism. I’m not afraid of anything sir.  You’re afraid of a photograph but you have nothing to say about looters, rioters and people abusing New York City police officers.”

This is just one example of how many seem to be talking past each other on a very critical issue.

Sure black lives matter.

Of course blue lives matter.

But at some point, and soon, everyone has to stop talking and start listening because all lives matter.

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