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Dear Tom,

I nominate Destin for the “Real Fathers Real Men” because he is truly deserving.  At 18, he had his first child and although he had some growing up to do he took care of his daughter.

When I met Destin back in march of 2013, he was in his own apartment & taking care of himself and paying child support regularly as a 22 year old black man. We did a lot if clubbing and partying until one day we both decided to give our lives back to Christ, so now almost two years later, I am his wife.  He has a steady job, supporting our 3 children (1 being my son from a previous relationship who he treats like his own, his daughter, and our son together).

While attending college, serving to the church and working, he not only provides, but dedicates his spare time to his family as well.

He’s now 24 years old, and as an African American male, he surpasses the negative stereotypes.  For this, i am beyond grateful.  Some may say I’m blowing his head up, but he could be selling drugs, or continuing in a lifestyle that leads nowhere, but he decided at a young age to handle his responsibilities to become a “real father & real man”.

No he’s not perfect, but no one is right?   I will forever sing his praises, build him up & never break him down.  If this airs, know that I’m beyond proud of you, babe and i love you! Keep pushing!

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