Intimacy begins with privacy … share less on your Facebook page and more with your mate.

1. Celebrate special anniversaries.

The day you met, the anniversary of your first date, your first kiss, the day you bought your first house, picked out your first pet, or found out you were pregnant with your first child. The point is (and what makes it extra special) is that you don’t tell anyone else what you’re celebrating. Why? Secret rituals like these cement the intimate bond only the two of you share.

2. Code your conversations in public.

You can reap benefits by putting your heads together to create secret code words, phrases, and nonverbal signals to communicate with each other in public. These can run the gamut from talking about your dog when one of you is ready to bail from a boring party, or tugging on your ear to convey, “I love you,” across a crowded room, to establishing a certain look that signals, “Let’s not argue about this, it’s just not worth it.” Read more at :