Dear Tom,

I represent the west coast and i listen to the TJMS on the app in Los Angeles.  Most of my family is here in LA where my daughter was born and raised.

When she was 21, she got married and the doctors said she could never have children.  She moved to little rock with her husband and somehow started a family.

When she was 23, they had twins: Kevin & Daniel – they will be turning 10 in March.  A few years later, she gave birth to a pair of girls – Danielle & Gabrielle who are age 6; and most recently – Daniel & Dillon, who just turned 1.

Unfortunately, it was too much for her husband to handle, which is why my baby is raising all six children on one salary.  She works for insurance company and the bulk of her income goes to raising her family.

She is a great mom and it makes me very proud to see her doing it on her own.  As you can imagine, it’s been quite some time since she has been able to take a vacation anywhere.  Her first set of twin boys turn 10 in March and she would like to take the whole family on a road trip – all seven of them – to the Gulf of Mexico.

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