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Some people just can’t win for losing, and I don’t mean that in a flippant way.

Tragedy seems to follow some people, some families.

Remember when people used to say that about the Kennedys?

Well it seems to be true when it comes to the Houston/Brown families as well- Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

Both have lead very successful yet very tumultuous and tragic lives.

Bobby Brown, once a superstar boy band member, is now known more for his drug and alcohol abuse and for being in and out of jail than for his talent and music success.

Whitney Houston, one of the highest grossing and highest selling singers of all time lost her life in a drug related incident three years ago this week when she drowned in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Now comes word that Whitney and Bobby’s daughter Bobbi Kristina was also found unconscious, faced down in a bathtub.

A friend and her assumed husband found here and called 9-1-1.

I say assumed husband because CNN has not been able to find any marriage records in any state for the couple.

Her family has said the 21-year old has had trouble dealing with the death of her mother.

Family members also tell the media that Bobbi Kristina turned to drugs to deal with the death.

Perhaps, given what she dealt with growing up, it’s her only coping mechanism.

We all witnessed both Whitney and Bobby’s behavior in the “Being Bobby Brown” reality show.

Bobbi Kristina was there for the entire ride.

Bobby Brown has said that he and Whitney never did drugs in front of Krissy, as they call her.

But children aren’t stupid.

They know and absorb more than adults might think.

21-years old is still a child to me.

This young lady has grown up in the glare of the spotlight both inside and outside her home.

She was raised by two parents who at times needed some raising themselves.

I hope she recovers and gets the help she needs, which means finding someone who cares more about her than the millions she’s soon to inherit if she ever makes it to the age of 30.

God speed Bobbi Kristina.

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