Many of us were left not only disappointed, but also extremely puzzled after watching Eddie Murphy’s bizarre return to the SNL stage during the NBC show’s 40th anniversary special last Sunday.

Following Chris Rock’s inspiring introduction, Murphy returned to the stage to offer little more than an exaggerated thank you. Subsequently, many of us have been left with one question: what the hell was that about? Well, last night, Norm Macdonald, an SNL regular throughout the ‘90s, took to Twitter to reveal all.

Macdonald revealed that the SNL writers had planned for Murphy to impersonate Bill Cosby in a sketch. However, Murphy refused to do so, and said that he would not kick a man when he’s down.

Before you get into what went down, in celebration of Eddie Murphy’s legendary tenure with SNL, we’ve compiled some of his best memories below:

Macdonald’s reveal over Twitter was incredibly long, so below we’ve only compiled the tweets pertaining to Murphy’s SNL 40 appearance. If You can read all of Macdonald’s tweets here.

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