Instead of 99 problems, hip-hop mogul Jay Z (pictured) might have 100 now!  Rymir Satterthwaite (pictured above), 21 is alleging that Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay Z (pictured below), is his biological daddy. Satterthwaite filed a civil lawsuit last December in which he accused the superstar rapper of lying in court so that he could dodge a paternity test, according to the New York Daily News.  The young man has reportedly consistently tried to get Jay to submit to a paternity test since 2010.

Satterthwaite has alleged that his now 45-year-old mother Wanda Satterthwaite and Jay Z were bedmates for quite some time before the A-lister blew up.

When the case was originally presented in a New Jersey court, the judge threw it out, saying that he had no jurisdiction to preside over it since Jay claimed to have been solely a New York resident at the time, states the news source.  The dismissal allowed Satterthwaite’s godmother, legal guardian and paralegal, Lillie Coley, to file a lawsuit.  In filing the civil suit, Coley contended that Jay had lied about his residence status and that he did in fact own three homes in New Jersey at the time of the original court proceeding.

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According to the New York Daily News, Satterthwaite’s mother previously had Robert Graves, whom she thought could have possibly fathered her son, take a DNA test some years back, but the test came back negative.  Graves nonetheless reportedly paid child support for Satterthwaite for a few years.

Satterthwaite , who began rapping at 8 and writing lyrics at 13, can be seen in the video below talking about his childhood growing up in Philly and how hip hop is an end-all, “That’s when I really realized I really had a passion for rapping,” he said. “I’m coming out soon, and I would really love to have your support.”

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