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Best Of Erykah Badu Fashion
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By BridgetEE

Elle Dallas on “Empire” had to shake drugs to get her voice back.  She had to shake that extra drama filled look and get raw to get her passion voice back.  Some might think that Erykah Badu is eccentric, but I think she is a real artist that won’t give you crap for sake of it.  Badu does everything she can to stay in touch with her people (for she is the Queen of Twitter @fatbellybella), grounded and raw (see video below).  True artist don’t always look and act like us.  Why?  Because they’re artist.  The most incredible creative and abstract people in the world.  You say crazy I say genius.  Happy Birthday to one of the greatest artists of this lifetime, Ms. “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh@t”, ERYKAH BADU …As always please watch and listen responsibly ♫