Here’s how connecting with a Higher Power can help you find love.

No matter what you believe (or don’t), many people find it helpful to connect with a higher power, a Source if you will. It helps to know that you are more than an infinitely tiny speck, living on a tiny clod of dirt and water, hurtling through space around a rather ordinary star on the fringes of a generic galaxy. It helps to feel known and loved, especially when you aresingle. So, whatever you call it, call on it. Often.

You can start by simply asking Source (insert whatever word works for you) to be with you, to find you, to fill you with love. You can ask Source what to do, ask for insight, wisdom, help, guidance, love, and comfort. Your Source is always there, indeed, you can never be separated. Don’t worry about what to say or about doing it right, just reach out. Your Source will be there, is there, always.

Be still when you do this, make room. Don’t rush or have too much of an agenda. Just be open. If you have a religion that you like to practice, take the time to do that. If you don’t have a religion, just be. Find something that works for you. When you make room for Source in your life, you will find that things work out. There is a peace and a knowingness that things are on track and you don’t have to have all the answers right now. You can trust.

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