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6/15/15- The Celebrity Snitch is coming for your black card! Click the link above to hear if you can pass the #AskRachel test or see the questions below!

#AskRahel Quiz

How Many Different Peaches Reunited with Herb?

What does she say after James Brown sings”Say it Loud!”?

Scones or Sausage Biscuits,Newports or Winstons, Koolaid or Sunny Delight,Crown Royal or Wild Turkey, Donnie & Marie or Bebe & CeCe,Faith Hill & Tim McGraw or Ashford & Simpson?

Vanilla Ice or Eminem, pumpkin pie or Sweet Potato pie, Potatoe Salad or Bean Salad, Read Beans & Rice or Rissotto & Hummus, Chicken and Waffles or Quiche? Gravy or Au Jus.

How long does it take to clean Chitterlings?

Who was her favorite Lionel on the Jeffersons?

What was George’s wife name?

Has she ever seen her Mama pull money from her Bra?

Can she Double Dutch?

What’s Hakeem and Jamaal mama name?

Has she ever got her hair done in the kitchen?

Where’s the Essence Festival?

Has Forida Evans ever had a Relaxer?

How many Ramen Noodles Flavors are there?

Whats Frankie Beverly favorite color?

What department store was Charlie Wilson right in front of?

What was Arnold Jackson’s fish name?

How many Herbs and Spices in KFC original recipe?

What liquor has a purple bag that you can use for anything after you finish the bottle?


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