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Caitlyn Jenner received the Arther Ashe Award at this year’s ESPYS’s and our own D.L. Hughley doesn’t think she deserves it.

TMZ caught up with D.L. during his visit to New York City and he made it clear that she and Arther Ashe have nothing in common. “All she did was put on a dress,” said Hughley.

Watch the video to see D.L. talk more about Bruce’s transition to Caitlyn and why he thinks it’s crazy the media views Caitlyn as an attractive woman and labels Serena Williams man-like.

One thing is for sure, D.L. doesn’t think for a minute Caitlyn is attractive. “She looks like my P.E. teacher,” D.L. said.

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Article Courtesy of The D.L. Hughley Show

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Video Courtesy of TMZ and The D.L. Hughley Show

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