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The weeks of summer are quickly coming to an end, and along with the roundup of these summer months come diminishing flings only built for the summer. Breaking up can be difficult to do, especially when the relationship was only meant for a moment.  If you’re in a fling that has come to an end and are confused about how to leave the relationship on good terms, here are five ways to cool down that summer romance.

1. Be honest.

Sometimes relationships last longer out of fear of hurting the other person’s feelings about ending what may be a good experience for them, but as sensitive of an area this may be to tread in, the best thing you can do is be one hundred percent real about what you want. If ending the relationship is what you seek, be honest with your partner about your desires to move on. It may hurt for a moment, but it stings much less than being betrayed and strung along in the process.

2. Sever ties face to face.

Living in a world where most day-to-day interactions involve electronics can turn anyone into a passive aggressive when it’s time to communicate about topics that are sensitive in nature. Be authentic and respectful of the experience and break the news with the person face to face. Not only does it show him or her that you’re serious about calling it quits, but it also shows them that you respect their feelings enough to be honest in person. Breaking up or cutting ties via text message gets interpreted as a blow off, and no one likes to feel as if they are dispensable.

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