shonda_rhimes2“I had this really amazing ‘ah ha’ moment. I realized that I could either spend my life thinking ‘I wish I could lose weight’, or ‘I’m going to’, or ‘Im trying to’. One of those things was going to need to happen, but I couldn’t be a whiner anymore. I couldn’t be that person who is like, ‘I wish I could. I wish I could.”

Those are the words from one of Hollywood’s most powerful women and undeniably owner of Thursday night TV (unless it’s football season), Shonda Rhimes. Yes, that Shonda Rhimes who is the creator, head writer, executive producer and showrunner for “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Private Practice, and Scandal. In addition, Rhimes is the executive producer for the show, “How to Get Away With Murder”.

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Shonda has lost an impressive 90 pounds since she has been in the public eye. Obviously her diet changed and she exercised more, but Rhimes claims another factor has been the catalyst to her weight loss journey:


“Part of it is that I got really happy. Being really happy was an extraordinarily huge part of it, and I don’t know how to explain it except that I stopped eating my feelings because I got really happy.”

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How we handle stress in our lives is directly related to our weight. Many people overlook the mental aspect of weight loss. Any form of depression, no matter how mild, affects neurotransmitters that control mood, thinking, appetite, and behavior, making you more likely to eat poorly, skip exercise, and gain weight.

Food is not a replacement for happiness. Emotional eating is dangerous because it becomes a vicious cycle. You’re sad, so you eat to make you feel better. While food temporarily improves your mood, that wears off minutes after you finish eating. Essentially, the end result is…

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