“I had this really amazing ‘ah ha’ moment. I realized that I could either spend my life thinking ‘I wish I could lose weight’, or…

There is a great need for the church to stop lying to people. That is a critical first step to resolving some of the marital illusions and the rising divorce rate even among Christians.

Mo’ Money Mo’ (Marriage) Problems: Materialism Bad for Relationships.   by How important is money to you? That answer means a lot for your relationship. In a study of 1,734 married couples, those who (in so many words) said “I don’t care too much for money” were totally right that money can’t buy them […]

5 Reasons to Love Being Single By Amy Paturel Single? Here’s a reason to celebrate. According to our calendar, it’s National Unmarried and Single Americ ans we ek. Finally, an entire week for the nearly 100 million of us w ho haven’t found “the one” — yet! After all, with holidays like New Year’s and Valentine’s Day highlighting […]

21 phrases to use to help you FIGHT RIGHT with your sweetheart Almost all couples fight; the secret is to fight right. I’ve posted before about what NOT to say during a fight. Here are some phrases that will actually help. When the Big Man and I are arguing, I find that the single best […]

Power Thought: Manufacture your happiness on purpose!

More and more studies show that many people, regardless of race and/or gender, are getting married later in life. And by now, we’ve all heard the statistics about a staggering majority of African American women never marrying at all. Singledom. It is what is is. But does being single mean that you’re at a disadvantage, […]

Twenty-Three Phrases to Help You Fight Right. user by Gretchen Rubin, Almost all couples fight; the secret is to fight right. I’ve posted about what not to say during a fight. Here are some phrases that actually help. I review this list from time to time, so that when I’m arguing with my husband, I […]

Is Your Shoe Fetish Harming Your Relationship? user by, 6 hours 3 minutes ago 1 Comment Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse Research increasingly shows that money doesn’t necessarily make couples any happier. In fact, all those lotto horror stories could actually teach us something (other than that winning […]

Your child comes in the door in tears. He didn’t make the spelling bee. Her best friend is moving away. The cool kids wouldn’t sit with her at lunch. “It’s okay, sweetheart,” you say — and even though you have the best intentions, you’ve just made a mistake.

What Things Won’t You Do In Front of Your Guy? By Rosemary Brennan, Glamour magazine One of my friends says her favorite thing about being in a long-term relationship is that she feels really comfortable around her husband. Really comfortable. She and her husband burp around each other. No big whoop, I don’t have any […]