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… more and more weight gain, which in turn depresses you more. This is why emotional eating is a vicious cycle.

The simple act of smiling goes a long way. Sometimes life can depress our mood to the point that we find it hard to smile. Remember the saying, “Fake it until you make it.” Well even if you’re not happy yet, smile anyway. You’ll begin to notice that you will actually begin to feel that way.

Another vital step to achieve the happiness you need for weight loss is eliminating negative people in your life. These people may not be bad people but may be bad for your life. Someone that always has something negative to say about you, for example, should be removed from life. Spending time with a person like this is filled with you focusing on so called “flaws” that the person points out. You can’t reach that level of peace, mentally, until you clear your head of the  negativity.

Shonda has some final words for those trying to lose weight–no matter where you are in your journey: “”If you are a kid and you are out there and you are chubby and not so cute and nerdy and shy and invisible and in pain, whatever your race, whatever your gender, whatever your sexual orientation, I’m standing here to tell you: You are not alone. Your tribe of people, they are out there in the world. Waiting for you.”

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