For one Michigan man, the big boost his career needed came in the form of a video of himself seductively eating a chocolate bar. And chances are, you’ve probably seen this handsome young man somewhere on the internet in the past few weeks.

Real estate agent and part-time fashion model Donnell Blaylock Jr. has been swamped with messages and job opportunities since posting the 17-second “teaser video” to his Facebook page.

The video, titled “Is this too much chocolate ladies?,” features the 23-year-old Blaylock winking at the camera before he slowly unwraps and bites into a Hershey’s chocolate bar as R. Kelly’s “Seems Like You’re Ready” plays. Produced by his photographer and publicist Marvin Bienaime, the clip has amassed over 1.7 million views since being posted on Wednesday.

Bienaime thought the best way for Blaylock to break into modelling was to make a video that just might go viral. The sight of the former Foot Locker salesman eating chocolate on camera with an inviting smile to “the ladies,” posing in a floral shirt, baring his chest in his sweats — 17 seconds in all — has caught the interest of millions since it went online.

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After an alleged 2.5 million hits and 50,000 referrals, since being posted on September 26, 2015, Blaylock is fielding both real estate and modeling opportunities at the same time, and it’s making his head spin.

“The whole purpose of the video was really just building my portfolio,” Blaylock told Michigan Live.

Blaylock said the video, which came about because he’s been labeled as “chocolate,” has been so effective that it’s garnered him inquiries from out-of-state buyers and sellers.

It’s also netted him romantic attention from admiring females, of which the career-focused bachelor said, “To a certain degree, I have to tune it out.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Blaylock says, “my responsibilities are to basically keep my body’s physique presentable as far as being ready to shoot, Eating the right foods to keep my body healthy and lean, study successful models who have a look similar to mine, continue to have practice shoots to become a better model and lastly just to stay focused on my goal to become signed with an agency.”

“I’m just trying to focus,” the chocolate model said.

Bienaime said Blaylock’s real estate office is treating the young agent like a…

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