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The issue of marijuana being grown, sold and used in the state of Ohio will be decided on Tuesday.

If voters approve Issue 3, they’ll be one step closer to using the once illegal green.

“I’m told in Colorado it only took about four months, some people are predicting about a year in Ohio. My guess is probably somewhere in between there 6; 7 months that it would be and running it’s a big change for everyone so it will take some time,” said FOX19 NOW Legal Analyst Mike Allen.

If passed, anyone 21 or older can grow, cultivate, use, possess, and share up to 8 ounces of usable homegrown marijuana and grow 4 flowering plants. If grown it at home, you must have a license from the control commission.

Medical marijuana could be used by people of any age, with a medical certificate.

Home-growers can have it but they can’t sell it.



Article and Picture Courtesy of WXIX-TV Cincinnati and WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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