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James 2:16 teaches Christians to offer real, tangible assistance to those in need, rather than just giving lip service.

Stellar Award-winning gospel singer and pastor, Marvin Sapp, is obeying this command in Flint, where he is both preaching and providing water to help the community in crisis.

The “Never Would Have Made It” singer has taken a semi-truck full of water to Flint and is matching all financial donations contributed through his personal ministry—something he revealed during a Tom Joyner Morning Show interview Thursday, Feb. 4.

“I’m really excited about going up there and preaching the Word,” said Sapp of his two-night ministry appointment at The Church of the Harvest in Flint Feb. 4-5. “But I believe it’s important for us, in this day and time, to bring something that’s tangible too, something that’s absolutely needed and that is water,” he continued.

Sapp’s engagement is part of “I Thirst Week,” designed to bring attention, justice, refreshing and relief—both spiritual and natural—to residents suffering through the water crisis.

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