… negligent behavior that you have and the cycle goes on and on and on again for generations until someone knows its time to stop.

3. You can earn your way out of bad financial decisions – Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Did I say wrong? Yes, that is wrong. People think that if they just had a little more money, they’d be okay (shaking my head). It doesn’t matter of you have $1,000 or $100,000, if you don’t have some of the basic spending and saving techniques down then you won’t be able to keep or flip the money you have into more money.

So if you have poor money management (be real with yourself), then get with a trusted financial adviser to start putting together a financial plan for you and your family. And be open to it! Sometimes you may need to lay low with your spending for a couple of years (yes, years) in order to be okay later on in life. It’s worth it.

Remember that you’re worth it! You don’t want to be like the old woman I saw working at the fast food counter.

Now, ready, set…save, invest and live!

Black Retirement: “Too Poor To Retire, But Too Young To Die”  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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