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Mike Epps

From being high and hilarious to dark and intimidating, Mike Epps has never failed to deliver when it comes to getting our emotions all ramped up. In his latest horror comedy film Meet The Blacks (a spoof on The Purge), the skeletons in his character’s fancy Beverly Hills closet finally come out on the one night crime is legal – and his big move to a high-end neighborhood doesn’t stop them from purging him and his family!

Check out this list of Mike Epps films – perfect for a night of Eppsflix N’ Chill – in preparation for the release of Meet The Blacks, in theaters everywhere on April 1st, 2016.

Next Friday

Before there was Meet The Blacks, Mike Epps starred in the hilarious slapstick comedy, Next Friday, in which he was no stranger to mishaps occurring day after day.

From breaking into thugs’ homes to losing their jobs and enemies escaping from jail, Craig and cousin Day-Day find themselves in a series of suburban misadventures after Craig moves in with his cousin for a fresh start.

All About The Benjamins

When a badass bounty hunter partners with a con man who skipped bail, you get the chase of a lifetime. Mike Epps and Ice Cube team up to tear down one of the biggest diamond scams in Miami – and misadventure seems to follow them.

Next Day Air

In the 2009 comedy drama, Next Day Air, two inept criminals – Brody, played by Mike Epps and Guch, played by Wood Harris – mistakenly receive a package of cocaine and think they’ve hit the jackpot. But it’s not too long until all hell breaks loose and drug kingpins track them down to take back what’s theirs.


Mike Epps brought a completely different twist to his character and left audiences speechless with his unparalleled performance as an abusive, money hungry comedian in the drama film, Sparkle.


From the big screen to the television screens, Epps starred in the HBO TV Film that recounted the life of legendary blues singer, Bessie; once again showing his astounding ability to make his audience both laugh and cry at the same time.


Mike Epps stars alongside Oscar winner Forest Whittaker and Anthony Mackie in the movie Repentance, and ends up stealing the show. The psychological thriller is worth seeing solely for his performance in it.

The Hangover

The mixup we will never forget. Black Doug sold the Wolf Pack the wrong drugs and ended up getting kidnapped for it. While it was a small role, his appearance was the link between all three of the movies in The Hangover franchise. For that reason, it’s one of my favorites.

Talk to Me

Once again, Mike plays a supporting role in Talk to Me – which follows the life of D.C. radio personality Ralph “Petey” Greene – and stars in one of the most vital moments of the movie.

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