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Cleveland has a lot of great things that are helping to boost the city into higher levels from the Cavs in the playoffs and the 2016 RNC, to the improving scene in Downtown and several neighborhoods.

Then again, there’s often lists that pop up online to not only discredit Cleveland, but also look down as well.

The latest set of bad news comes from Zippia with a list of the Ten Laziest Cities in America.

Unforunately, Cleveland is on that list…and so are a bunch of other Ohio cities.  That seems to imply that the Buckeye state is a lazy one.

Here’s the complete Top 10:

  1. Dayton, OH
  2. Toledo, OH
  3. Springfield, MA
  4. Rochester, NY
  5. Syracuse, NY
  6. Cleveland, OH
  7. Akron, OH
  8. Buffalo, NY
  9. Rockford, IL
  10. Detroit, MI

That’s a total of four cities from Ohio on that list with three from New York.  Zippia does clarify their definition of lazy when it came to researching.

“Ah, the American Dream: Working hard day in and day out to save up enough money to one day buy that little house, with the white picket fence, and maybe even throw a kid or two into the mix. It sounds just lovely—until you calculate the amount of work that you’ll have to do just to stick that first white picket post into the ground.

Listen, I’m not saying that hard work isn’t valuable—when you’re passionate about something, by all means, work your butt off. But what about those folks who don’t value busting their rumps in the same way that society tells us we should? You know—the lazy people?

Now don’t exert the effort to make a nasty comment or anything—like I was saying in the beginning, there is nothing wrong with being “lazy.” In fact, in other cultures, you might well just have your priorities in line.”

The article does give a more detailed explination of what all went in to researching for the most “laziest” cities. Click here to check out why each city was picked, though here’s what they said about Cleveland and Akron below.

“As far as Cleveland goes, though, it came up on our list for a couple of very big reasons: the number of workers per household and the unemployment rate. Oh, and the percent of college-educated residents. Okay, so a few big reasons. It had the fewest workers per household in the country, the second highest unemployment rate, and just 15.2 percent of residents got their degree.

The reasons Akron made the top 10… were many, unfortunately. But the two big ones were its low number of workers per household and the unemployment rate—the 20th highest out of 200 cities in the country.”

Article Courtesy of Zippia and 93.1 WZAK-FM Cleveland

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images

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