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Like many of us, actress Vivica A. Fox isn’t here for Donald Trump or his blatantly ignorant comments about women and Hillary Clinton.

The former Celebrity Apprentice star hit up a Los Angeles Carousel of Hope event where she spoke to Inside Edition about Trump’s leaked 2005 comments, made alongside radio and television host Billy Bush. Throughout the leaked tape, Trump made it clear he could grab women “by the p*ssy” because he’s famous.

Fox insists the whole debacle is “karma”: “All I can say is karma is a bitch. He was ready to come so hard for Hillary and Bill Clinton on something that is personal for them. And wow, look what happens. You forgot that you were a pig, too.” 

At the same event, Carmen Electra took some time to speak on Trump and comments he made about her body: “Donald Trump made a public comment about my breasts looking like lightbulbs. I thought it was so odd, out of the blue.”

There may be more Trumpisms on their way, as a former Celebrity Apprentice producer claims, “I assure you…..there are far worse.” We’re not surprised.

SOURCE: Inside Edition | PHOTO CREDIT: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty

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