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Charles Barkley and LeBron James are embroiled in a war of words after Barkley told him to stop whining about the Cavs roster situation. James fired back at Barkley with as much vitriol as we’ve ever seen out of James, calling out Barkley for being a hypocrite, his past transgressions and his inability to quit even though he wants to because he needs the money.

Those comments were backed up by James’ friend and former teammate Dwyane Wade, who told reporters that it was about time James stuck up for himself when it comes to criticism from former players.

Barkley went on ESPN Radio on Tuesday afternoon to respond to James’ comments, and he insists that he doesn’t have a problem with James, but is simply doing his job.

The most interesting thing about all of this is that Barkley really wasn’t out of line with his comments about James on this occasion, but it seems like this has been a long time coming and James’ frustrations with being criticized by Barkley and others over the years, coupled with the Cavs recent 4-6 stretch, boiled over on Monday night.



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