Primary Wave 11th Annual Pre-GRAMMY Party - Arrivals

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Oh Moesha, Moesha, Moesha!!  First she implied she was pregnant now her and her baby girl are saying she is not.

The rumor started after singer Brandy took to her Instagram to post a picture that may have looked like a baby bump with a message that could have been perceived as a thank you I’m pregnant message along with a congratulations post from Countess Vaughn. see post below

Well now she is posting pictures implying that she is #NotPregant

Also let’s not forget she just went in on her EX and his Boo on stage making a “Broke Bitch” reference. (click here for that drama)

Is Brandy really pregnant or does she just like a little cake? Has she really moved on to a new man?  Maybe or maybe not, but for whatever reason it appears that Ms. Brandy just seems to be seeking #ATTENTION .