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A new research study is out from WalletHub looking at the best and worst places to celebrate the Fourth of July and Cleveland does not score well.

Out of the top 100 most populated cities in the country Cleveland ranks 71st. Head a little south and Cincinnati comes in 18th.

The personal-fiances website focuses on how well each city balances fun and cost. The study is broken down into four categories with 18 total metrics in the categories.

Cleveland takes a big hit when it comes to the “celebration category” coming in 98th out of 100.

That category looks at four different metrics including Fourth of July popularity, whether or not fireworks are legal, number of festivals and celebrations, average cost of a party and the duration of a fireworks display. Other that it being pretty cheap to buy some beer and hot dogs in Cleveland we take a hit the other metrics.

Here’s how Cleveland breaks down.

Celebration: 98th

Fourth of July Popularity: Full Weight (~8.00 Points)

Legality of Fireworks: Full Weight (~8.00 Points)

Number of Fourth of July Festivals & Performances: Full Weight (~8.00 Points)

Average Price of Fourth of July Party Ticket: Full Weight (~8.00 Points)

Affordability: 48th

Prevalence of Affordable 4.5+ Star Restaurants: Full Weight (~3.75 Points)

Average Hamburger Cost: Full Weight (~3.75 Points)

Average Beer & Wine Prices: Full Weight (~3.75 Points)

Lowest Price of a Three-Star Hotel: Full Weight (~3.75 Points)

Activities and Attractions: 25th

Recreation-Friendliness (15 Points)

Note: This metric is based on WalletHub’s “Best & Worst Cities for Recreation” ranking of 100 cities’ entertainment options, recreational facilities and parks quality. The ranking includes 35 total metrics such as music venues per capita, parks spending per capita and movie costs.


To see how Cleveland fares in Weather and Safety and Accessibility, click here:

Article Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

Picture Courtesy of Radio One Staff

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