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It’s been reported that R&B singer Tyrese Gibson has been accused of child abusing his 10 year old daughter.  The alleged accuser is no other then his ex-wife Ms. Norma Mitchell-Gibson.

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Tyrese‘s ex-wife, Norma Mitchell-Gibson, has made sure his life is very uncomfortable these days because he’s being investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services due to her claims and accusations of child abuse.

Well Mr. Black Rose has responded with a “Shame On Me?” no honey, SHAME ON YOU, if you think all of that is true.

Tyrese Gibson took to his Instagram to post a message that starts off like this:

Urgent read my full post thank you.. One day we’re going to sit down over tea and laugh about how they tried to turn us on each-other and what they didn’t know is that it only solidified our lifetime #DaddyDaughterBond

And his post, with a picture of him and his adorable daughter, closed with #ForgiveThemFatherGodForTheyNotKnowWhatTheyDo #Amen (see whole post below)

We will continue to keep our favorite Baby Boy, Tyrese, lifted in our prayers throughout this whole ordeal.

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