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Do you think about what the secret is to living a long and healthy life?

One Cleveland woman should have the answer to that question.

Miss Marie Cheetham, as her friends and family know her, just celebrated her 104th birthday with lots of music and dancing.

She said that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

“When you get old, you aren’t dead, you still have life in you,” Cheetham said.

To put this momentous birthday in perspective,

The year Cheetham was born, Woodrow Wilson was president.

The Ford Motor Company introduced its first assembly line, and the first crossword puzzle was published.

A lot has happened in the years since then.

Cheetham says she doesn’t have a favorite birthday out of all of them.

She is just appreciative that the good Lord has given her strength.

“I don’t have any favorite days. I just appreciate the good Lord has given me health and strength to get around. I can do what I can do, and what I can’t do, I don’t bother with it,” Cheetham said.



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