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Close-Up Of Burnt Cigarettes In Ashtray

Source: Stephen Gibson / EyeEm / Getty


If you’re thinking about getting your “nic-fix” at an SEC football game anytime soon, you might want to think twice.

One Alabama fan decided to try and press her luck Saturday night at Bryant-Denny stadium by enjoying a smoke break from her seat when a police officer asked her to put it out.

Sarcastically, she puts the cigarette up to the officer’s face, almost as if she was offering him a drag.

The officer was not amused, as he brought out the handcuffs immediately.

Cell phone video of the incident should serve notice to anyone who plans to smoke at Bryan-Denny Stadium anytime soon.



Article Courtesy of WAFB-TV Baton Rouge and WOIO Cleveland 19 News

Picture Courtesy of Stephen Gibson, EyeEm, and Getty Images

Tweet and Video Courtesy of Twitter, WAFB-TV Baton Rouge, and WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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