Tensions High As Alt-Right Activist Richard Spencer Visits U. Florida Campus

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CLEVELAND – A lawyer and tour manager for the white nationalist leader Richard Spencer who has garnered controversy across the country for his alt-right speeches has sent a request to host a speech at Kent State University in May.

Kyle Bristow tweeted on Wednesday that Georgia State University student Cameron Padgett asked the university for a space to host a speech where he would invite Spencer and Mike Peinovich of The Right Stuff.

In a letter to university obtained by News 5, Padgett asked that the event occurs on May 4, 2018, which is the 48th anniversary of the Kent State shootings by the Ohio National Guard.

He continued to say the speakers will talk to attendees about “the unfortunate modern trend of violent left-wing Antifa protestors trying to undermine the free speech rights of right-wing people.”



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