In today’s “Hold My Beer” news, it looks as though there’s a new white woman who wants to dethrone #BBQBecky in the “Calling Police on Black People For No Damn Reason” award. But this time, the unidentified white woman didn’t call the police on an adult, but an 8-year-old girl. In the video, posted by […]

CLEVELAND – A lawyer and tour manager for the white nationalist leader Richard Spencer who has garnered controversy across the country for his alt-right speeches has sent a request to host a speech at Kent State University in May. Kyle Bristow tweeted on Wednesday that Georgia State University student Cameron Padgett asked the university for a space to host […]

City officials declared a “Unite the Right” rally in downtown Charlottesville an “unlawful assembly” Saturday and the governor declared a state of emergency as clashes erupted among thousands of alt-right demonstrators, counter-protesters, white nationalists and supporters of Black Lives Matter. “ALERT: Unlawful assembly declared for rally at Emancipation Park,” The Charlottesville City tweeted short before the noon demonstration was scheduled […]

The family gave a detailed description of the incident, in which they also mentioned the man’s return the next day, and how the hotel’s management handled the situation.   WARNING: Video contains offensive language. SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas —  A Waterford man is facing criminal charges after police said he was intoxicated in public and went […]

The latest viral sensation on Twitter is video of a white girl being punched clean in the face by a black girl named Aleeyah after she called her the n-word. Watch below: Aleeyah explained on Twitter, “We pulled up at her house after she said she was gonna blow my head off. …We were seeing […]

The Metro Transit Police Department has released a report highlighting the racial disparities among public transit riders in Minneapolis-St. Paul, namely that Black adults are more likely to receive fines than their White counterparts. The data collected by the Metro Transit Police Department focused on the amount of fines given to those who could not pay public transit fares in the […]

KENT– A national playwright is speaking out after a Kent State University adaptation of her production featured a white actor portraying Martin Luther King, Jr. The school’s pan-african studies department began a two-week run of “The Mountaintop,” a play written by Katori Hall imagining the fictional events that may have taken place the evening before […]

Rachel Dolezal is finally coming to terms with the truth that she was biologically born white.

At a time when White artists are appropriating Black culture at alarming rates, Matt Damon is refusing to foster diversity lest it interfere with merit, and Donald Trump is trying to take back a country created by immigrants, from…well…immigrants, a video that encapsulates all that’s wrong with White privilege has emerged to teach us something we just […]

In mid-June when Rachel Dolezal was asked on camera, “Are you African-American?” she was left speechless, hesitant and caught off guard. After claiming to misunderstand…

During a wide-ranging and candid discussion with the Daily Telegraph about the state of the nation’s race relations, author Toni Morrison says America’s issues will not be resolved until justice is meted out equally in the criminal justice system, according to the Raw Story. Further, the Nobel Prize-winning author says unarmed Blacks are not the ones […]

“Exclusively for white people” stickers appear on six East Austin business. #Racism #Texas — J. David McSwane (@davidmcswane) March 18, 2015 Police and…