The latest viral sensation on Twitter is video of a white girl being punched clean in the face by a black girl named Aleeyah after she called her the n-word.

Watch below:

Aleeyah explained on Twitter, “We pulled up at her house after she said she was gonna blow my head off. …We were seeing if shorty was really bout it lmao…. and she wasn’t.”

After the clip went viral, Aleeyah tweeted an explanation for her actions, saying she had to put the paws on the girl – on behalf of her people.

Pictures said to be of the victim’s bloody, cracked lip surfaced online from a private Instagram account that has since been deleted.

Aleeyah retweeted the pic and responded, “Man, I didn’t mean to do all that.”


Article Courtesy of EUR Web

First Picture and Tweets Courtesy of Twitter and EUR Web

Second Picture Courtesy of Instagram and EUR Web

Video Courtesy of YouTube

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