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Well it seems bad boy Nick Gordon is not going to face charges arising from an incident last month where he was accused of hitting his girlfriend, Laura Leal.

Even though Leal told cops at first that Gordon struck her on the right side of her cheek area several times, prosecutors say she later changed her story and “under oath denied being struck or touched against her will by” Gordon.

Prosecutors added this:

“With no independent witnesses to the incident, prosecutors do not have a good faith basis on which to proceed to trial.”

As was previously reported, Leal had been trying to assume responsibility for the fight that led to his arrest. She also wrote a letter to the judge begging him to drop a no-contact order between the two, but the judge took no action.

Gordon’s a lucky guy. Back in 2017, he escaped prosecution for domestic violence after allegedly beating up Leal. She later stopped cooperating with officials, and they were forced to drop the charges. And now she’s done it again.

Here’s what we reported earlier …

*The first thing that came to mind after we heard that Nick Gordon had been arrested … Again … was what is this guy’s problem?

Then the same thought came to us regarding his girlfriend ’cause them both seem to be addicted to each other even though they appear to be toxic to each other.

OK, with that out of the way, Gordon was arrested for the second time in two weeks after violating a court order and spending the night with his girlfriend.

According to Broward County Sheriff records, Gordon was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor charge of violating his conditional release. That’s because after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, the judge had ordered him to stay away from Laura Leal.

According to the arrest report, Gordon told authorities he was sleeping when Leal used his security code to enter the residence and was “just hanging out.” Leal corroborated Gordon’s account, and claimed that she stopped by to see him and does not fear for her safety.

As we reported earlier, Leal wrote the judge in Gordon’s case a letter pleading that the no-contact order be dropped, and blaming herself for the actions of Gordon.

Basically saying screw you, I’m in charge here, so the judge ignored her request, and the order remained in place.

According to the Daily Mail, sheriff’s got an anonymous tip that Gordon was spending the night with his girlfriend, so they went over and arrested him.

Currently he’s in custody and is scheduled to see a judge sometime Tuesday afternoon.

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