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Another white person took it upon themselves to call the police on a Black person at a swimming pool. This time the crime was wearing socks.

According to WREG-News, on the Fourth of July, Erica Walker, community manager for the Riverset Apartments in Memphis, contacted the authorities on resident Kam Porter because she didn’t like that Porter’s boyfriend was wearing socks.

In the video shot by Porter and posted on her Facebook page, she said, “I think she’s calling the police because he has on socks. She’s walking off making a phone call to whoever she needs to call. I haven’t said anything crazy to her, but I did tell her I was not going to leave.”

Porter confronted Walker, pointing out that there were other people there not following the rules and she wasn’t bothering them.

“So, she basically said no hats, no shirts, no socks,” Porter said. “We have two men, who are her friends, sitting right here in hats. Two hats. We have a man over here sitting in a hat.”

When the police officer, who was Black, showed up, Walker claims that that the issue was that Porter’s boyfriend was dunking his feet in the water with his socks on.

“You asked me if you could wear a hat out here,” Walker said. “I said, ‘Yes, as long as you’re not dunking it in the water.’”

Porter wasn’t having it, stressing that she believes that they were singled out because of their race.

“It does look funny,” she said. “It’s 25, 30-plus white people out here and you haven’t said anything — you’re partying with them. You’re partying with them! But when we come, it’s an issue.”

Porter complained to the complex’s management company, and after an investigation, Trilogy Realestate Group ended up firing Walker for her behavior.

“After assessing statements from Ms. Porter and determining that this former employee’s actions violate our company’s policies & beliefs, she is no longer employed by Riverset Apartments.”

When are these folks gonna learn?


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