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The City of Strongsville will now confiscate abandoned shopping carts found left along busy city streets, under new legislation signed into law on July 2.

The law was unanimously approved by Strongsville City Council, led by council President Joe DeMio, who believes the carts are a roadside hazard, and have been caught rolling into oncoming traffic

DeMio believes retailers need to do a better job keep track of their carts, and said abandoned carts are a growing issue along Pearl Road, near the Walmart Supercenter..

DeMio said the new law would allow the Strongsville Service Department to confiscated the carts and store them in a city garage.

DeMio said if the carts aren’t claimed by major retailers like Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes, seven days after the stores are notified, the service director can dispose of them, including sending them to a scrap yar

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