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Last week Black people everywhere let out a collective “Girl please!” after “Treasure,” a 16-year-old Black teen appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to argue that she was in fact…caucasian.

Now, a woman whose social media handle is Nina Kimberly claims to be Treasure’s sister confirmed that we’ve all been hoodwinked.

On Sunday Nina went on Instagram live and revealed that Treasure and their mother Monique, who also appeared on the show, were both part of the scheme.

Treasure shocked the audience during her October 24 appearance on the show when she claimed that she did not identify as Black because Black people are ugly. She also said she supported the Klu Klux Klan.

“All Treasure known is Black all her life,” Nina begins, answering a question posed by one of her followers.

“Why would your mother go along with Treasure’s bad idea?” another follower asked.

“Because she wanted to go to an all-expenses-paid trip to California. My mom is used to living a certain lifestyle; she hasn’t lived that lifestyle in years. She lost all of her money, is broke, so she wanted to get this last hurrah in,” Nina answered.

Nina said that her family did not ask her to appear on the show and that she was under the impression that they would be discussing Treasure’s lifestyle.

“Treasure is banned from every CVS in America, she’s a middle-school dropout, such a hoodrat, sold fake hair online for high prices, delivered fake weave to people’s home that was like bull—t quality dollar store hair for like $50 and stuff like that,” she continued. “She had people looking for her.”

She said she had stopped speaking with Treasure until recently and blames their mother for Treasure’s troubles. Nina ended by adding that she plans on calling child protective services on her mother.

Neither Treasure or her mother Monique have verified if Nina is indeed their family member. We’re sure there’s way more to this story.



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