Vanilla Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies

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The product costs only $9.00 if you purchase it on Amazon, and there is also a 32-pack available for nearly $39.00.


(WTOL) – Sorry milk, Oreo is giving the world something new to dip their cookies in…and it’s more Oreo.

The cookie brand is now branching out to make drink mixes for the world to enjoy.

Both available on Amazon, Oreo lovers can dunk Oreos (or any other type of cookie, really) into Oreo Drink Mix or Oreo Hot Chocolate.

The drink mix is made with real Oreo Cookie Crumbles and is to be compared with Nesquick’s chocolate drink mix, according to Insider.

Oreo Drink Mix boasts 32 servings per container and 45% less sugar than the leading chocolate syrup brand.

The drink mix is currently unavailable, but keep an eye out for it to come back into stock.



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