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Everyday in the 1 o’clock hour Sam Sylk of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK gives somebody a reality check live on the radio and on Facebook Live.

Today someone wanted to know what would Sam do if his ‘ride or die’ decided they would rather walk and you carry them!?

Check out the listeners letter and Sam’s advice below.

Dear Sam

My husband and I have pretty good paying job. We have 2 children and proudly one will be heading off to college after graduating this June. Together we have been able to provide for our home very well, and not bragging but we haven;t had to struggle for anything. So when my husband came home Friday he sat down and said he couldn’t stand his job any longer. He also said he had been pursuing other jobs that he feels would be more rewarding for him mental and that he will be turning in his 2 weeks notice and has a job offer that he will be taking. The job is half the pay he is making now. If he takes this job we will probably wipe out our savings when our children attends college not to mention it will put a strain on our household in general. I upset about that but I’m also upset that he would make a career move that would effect us period. I can’t help but to feel that something else is going on here. Aren’t you suppose to work to become comfortable in life and not go backwards? Is it fair that he is taking a pay cut to do something rewarding for himself? What about us? He claims that in time he will eventually get back to the pay he is making now but isn’t he sacrificing his family? I’m sorry I just feel like he has cheated on me with this move? Am I wrong? Would you be okay with your spouse taking a pay cut intentionally that would cause their household to struggle?