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NBA Player Lebron James In Guangzhou

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

LeBron James, who some forget is human, injured his groin on Christmas Day. Some thought he would miss a few games. But know we are 4 1/2 weeks out and some are worried that it the injury is worse than has been said to be.

The L.A. Lakers who are 4 and 7 without King James, are saying he is cleared to play and could be back in practice next week. However LBJ’s agent Chris Paul is saying hold up player, we are doing what is best for James and he is day to day and will not be back until he is on 100.  But it is being reported that he is being re-evaluated today.

Chris Paul

“We don’t give a sh– what nobody thinks or says,” Paul said via phone. “We’re going to do what’s best for him. The best-case scenario was three weeks, the worst-case was six weeks, and we’re right on schedule. He’ll improve his workload, and he’ll be day to day from there.

“Now day to day doesn’t mean tomorrow or the next day (he’ll be back). Day to day means that after each day of his workload, we’ll evaluate it, and when he feels his best he’ll play. However long it takes, it’ll take. We’re not on nobody else’s timeline.”

How bout that for an answer!!

We are sure that LeBron James will be returning to greatness sooner than later. Until then we will continue to keep “Just A Kid From Akron” uplifted in our prayers.

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