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What happens when your feelin somebody and it turns out that they are not feelin you but they friend is?  Do you date the friend instead?  Are you or them breaking a friendship code?

Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment had that very question asked of him and who but he is better than anyone to give you the breakdown of the “MAN CODE”.

Check it out below

Dear Sam

I had been lite weight dating this dude for a few months. I thought everything was cool but he didn’t want a commitment for real for real so we kind of just stop seeing each other. As a matter of fact I have seen him out with a couple of other woman, but it was no trip to me. So I’m out one day and meet this other dude we had great chemistry and everything went out a few times everything was cool so I thought. Well come to find out he was bragging about me to one of his homeboys and the homeboy was the other dude I had been seeing for a minute. This new guy said that the other dude got really upset when he found out it was me. He said that I wasn’t patiently waiting for him or giving him time to get to the commitment stage. I told the new guy we never slept together we just went on dates and hung out etc etc etc. But the other dude told him something different. I really like this new guy but he can’t be breaking a man code if he continues to date me would he? And should I confront the other guy maybe have all of us sit down to hash out the truth or would I be doing too much? What should I do?


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