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'Roots' Night One Screening

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Stacks on deck, Patrón on ice, And we can pop bottles all night, Baby, you could have whatever you like, I said, you could have whatever you like, YEAH ♫ as long as you are not allowing others to use your people’s money to mock your own.

Gucci made the entertainment world take a stand on social conscientiousness when they trotted out a blackface turtle neck sweater.  A lot of artists and entertainers took a stand and have chosen to boycott Gucci by not spending the millions made from the people to support a company that thought mocking black people for fashion was a good idea.  One of the artist/entertainers/activists leading the charge of the Gucci boycott was the multifaceted rapper T.I. who was extremely matter of factually about the Gucci snafu  via his live social media.  But his nemesis boxer Floyd Mayweather used his platform to say he doesn’t care about no boycott, ain’t nobody gonna tell him what to do and then went on a Gucci shopping spree.

Floyd Mayweather pissed off many but he inspired the rapper T.I. to put his thoughts to paper and his vocals to wax, then he proceeded to wax Mayweather’s ignorance with the only thing that truly brings us power, knowledge, in a language that all could understand.

Take a listen to T.I. track “F**K N***A” below [WARNING some of the lyrics are graphic in nature]

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