Wendy Williams' Wendy Digital Event

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Wendy Williams announced to the world and her studio audience that she had been living in a sober house getting clean from alcohol.  We are assuming that as part of the 12 step program is in full affect because Wendy sat down in her velvet chair to sip and serve tea on herself.

With all the hell Wendy Williams has been going on in 2019 with rumors of her husbands infidelity, outside of the marriage child now divorce it appears that Wendy is truly coming clean.

Wendy Williams during her Hot Topics segment recognizes that turnabout is fair game and her business is our business, so with that being said her Hot Topic was herself.  Wendy Williams in font of her live studio audience on live TV announced that she is doing extremely well and will be soon leaving the sober house in which she has been residing to move on with her life with her son.  She let everyone know that with all that has been going on with her life she has a ton of support and she is good.

Take a look at Wendy Williams Hot Topic segment on herself below.

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